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Core Values

Serve Where You’re Called

            All of us have a unique calling that God has specifically chosen us to do. We are a chosen people in that we are chosen for this unique service to love in a unique way. LCC serves to equip people to engage in their own personal ministry by using their unique personality, skills, abilities, and opportunities to serve God’s kingdom.


Be The Bridge

            God gave the church the mission of standing in the gap between man and God. Our responsibility is to be united in our sole mission to lead people to Christ by sharing the gospel with them. LCC serves to prepare people to go out into the community and fulfill the mission of the gospel by telling people about the healing power of Jesus Christ.


Live Differently

            The church is a group of people who have been set apart by the way they live their lives. We are called to be holy the way God is holy. LCC serves to train people to live their lives in accordance with the moral teaching of God’s Word and become mature disciples.


Love The Family

            The church is God’s family. We all belong to the same Father and have received the same Spirit and so, we ought to love one another like a tight-knit family. LCC serves to be a catalyst for people to develop deep, meaningful relationships with one another through fellowship.

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