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Visiting LCC 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Lyndon Christian Church is a growing community of Christ followers

located in Louisville, KY less than two miles from Oxmoor Center. 



What can I expect from a Sunday worship service?


You can expect to hear a sermon with a strong Biblical foundation and a focus on the Gospel. You can also expect engaging songs aimed at glorifying God and inspiring people in support of the message. We value the truth over fads, genuineness over performance, relationship over results, quality over perfection, relevance over tradition, creativity over complacency, and Christ above all else.



Where do my children go?


When families bring their children to the church service the children stay with their parents for the song portion of the service unless they are small enough to go to the nursery and the parents elect to place them there.  During the sermon the parents have the option of sending their children ages 5 to 12 to children's church.  We also provide a crying room.  For the sake of the rest of the congregation, we ask parents use the crying room if their baby or toddler is having trouble being quiet



What should I wear?


You may choose jeans and a t-shirt, a suit or anything in between as we have no dress code for our worship services. We’re just glad to see you here! We do ask that your dress be modest and not distracting to others’ worship experience.